The Amazon Rainforest stretches across much of South America, covering the majority of Brazil, and stretching into all surrounding countries, including much of Peru. Indeed, many of the major tributaries for the Amazon River have their beginnings high in the mountains of Peru.

Manu National Park 

4 day tour: $790 (CAD) per person

From Cusco, one of the best ways to access the rainforest is via the Manu National Park. The journey to the park involves a scenic drive, followed by a boat trip to reach the jungle lodges. The park itself is divided into various zones, including and a Cultural Zone, which is home to two nomadic indigenous groups and is most accessible for visitors, the Biosphere Reserve, which is reserved for research and ecotourism, and the Core Zone, which is inaccessible for outsiders, and remains the home of several indigenous groups. You need a minimum of four days to visit Manu, as nearly a day on each end is required for travel. Nights are spent in jungle lodges, and all meals are included. To visit the Biosphere Reserve, a minimum of 6 days is required.

Tambopata National Reserve

The other option to reach the rainforest from Cusco is via Puerto Maldonado (reachable by bus or plane). There are many wonderful ecolodges in Tambopata that can be visited in 3 or more days and offer excursions to various places, such as clay licks for encountering colourful birds, and hikes through the forest to identify the rich variety of animals and plants in the area. Request more information about the available ecolodges via our contact page.